We design your space for living.

In Homes we devote ourself to residential real estate development because it is our passion, and with that passion today we are an entrepreneur team whose share the same feeling. We all have a long and successful track record in different companies and the experience we gained in this specific market gives us a very clear vision of what really people are looking for, wants or needs.

VITA Atmoss

7 worlds, 7 spaces, 7 atmospheres that coexist in the same universe but at the same time, very different from each other. 4 spaces, 2 bedrooms on the first 2 levels and 3 bedrooms on the top levels.

7 apartments

Gabriel Mancera 133, Col. Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez, 03103, Mexico City.


VITA Homes Santa Fe

Luxury goes beyond exclusivity, for us luxury is to take the best architectural decisions and combine them with the best quality materials to create developments that only could be possible in our dreams. This is how we see  Homes Santa Fe, as 18 private residences with high quality imported material finishes, private roof garden, a beautiful open kitchen with granite top and Italian carpentry, central garden, gym, visitor parking and 24 hours security. All this only 10 minutes away from Vista Hermosa and very near to Santa Fe, the most important business center of Mexico City.

18 houses

Coahuila #320, Col. Cuajimalpa, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Mexico City.


Spacios AU

One of our recent developments is Spacios AU which was built with a very clear idea, been a set of departments aligned with the current trends in this market. Its interior design includes: Italian carpentry closets, doors and wardrobes, European style kitchen with natural granite top, besides, balconies, terraces and private roof gardens. A spectacular water mirror in the lobby which invites you from the very entrance to enjoy each corner and each detail. Today Spacios AU is a symbol of our commitment to be better, but above all of our commitment of building happy homes.

71 apartments

Ángel Urraza No. 1839, Col. Independencia, Benito Juarez, Mexico City, México

*En colaboración con Grupo Frisco


VITA Gardens

A dream mis always a good reason to go ahead, is a good reason to find new ways to reinvent ourself. This is how a few years ago we reinvented ourself and built in the heart of Colonia del Valle in México city, Gardens, the perfect combination between an excellent location and an exquisite interior design, achieving that the people not only can live there, but also that they can live their dream, these apartments were created with unique features, luxury departments with terraces and roof gardens, fully European design kitchens with natural granite top and fully equipped.

44 apartments

Av. Eugenia 606, Col del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez, Mexico City.

VITA Nápoles

In Homes before creating a development we think in the families whom will live inside this space and in what they will need in their day-to-day life. This is how we developed Nápoles, a place which stands out for its design. We renovated the house in front of the development, house that is considered artistic treasure from that architectural period it was built and we also included to it some modern architectonical details. Today is a wide representation of the urban context and part of the development which many families can enjoy. Nápoles is a clear proof that when we put families in the center of our developments it will always bring good results.

18 apartments

Oklahoma 22, Col. Nápoles, Benito Juárez, Mexico City.
More than 20 years and more than 1000 families in more than 15 successful projects in Mexico City, are the voice which gives us credibility and support to be able to affirm that at Homes we are the best option to invest..

VITASan Rafael

We create a different concept of innovative housing and full of comfort and we did it. In this way San Rafael was born, a unique building with 27 incredible apartments with wide spaces, free heights of almost 3 meters, 2 or 3 bedrooms, equipped kitchen, 1 or 2 parking spaces, 24 hours security and more. And everything was born due to the passion and wish of being different and above all the need to offer to the people who now a days are living in San Rafael more than an apartment, their dream home.

27 apartments

Guillermo Prieto 110, Col. San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.

VITA Valencia

Every day stories are told regardless of whether they are brief or of a lifetime, whether they will echo or simply go unnoticed. This is what lead us to create Valencia, a series of apartments that were the shelter of many lives’ stories, from the first steps of the little ones, to a lifetime with that special someone. Valencia is one of our pillars and pride that makes Homes leader in real estate developments in Mexico City.

51 apartments

Valencia 20, Col. Insurgentes Mixcoac, Benito Juárez, Mexico City.
We built in the best locations in the city, near the main roads and we look for the existence of commercial, educative, recreational, health zones and so much more to make your life easier and comfortable. With this each property acquires from the very moment of its purchase great capital gain and therefor a great heritage.

VITA Central

In Homes we´ve always dreamed about creating something more than just real estate developments, that´s why we create spaces that generates life changes for each family, for each person living in our apartments, and that is how Central was born, located in the central axis Lázaro Cárdenas #1130, which offers besides modern design apartments a several set of amenities like a multipurpose room, a playroom, gym, terrace and so much more.

80 apartments

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas # 1130, Col. San Simon Ticuman, Mexico City.
All of our projects are focused in putting persons as the center of the house, we focus in knowing and recognizing what brings you comfort and fulfill your needs,we built with top-of-the-line products and services, innovation and vanguard so each person can have the they want.


And making more dreams come true we started a long road where we keep building thanks to all the families that trusted us with their heritage and that today happily live in Avenida Baja California #132. With Sotavento we proved that in each , the family living there makes it their home, their lair and safe place, giving life to each space we’ve design thinking of them.

23 apartments

Baja California 132, Col. Roma, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.

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